Manuela Pastore-Wapp


Research Coordinator

Neuropsychologist, PhD

Study management

Manuela Pastore-Wapp is researcher and research coordinator for different studies at the SCAN. Her research interests span topics related to development, recovery after stroke, and neuroimaging methods. She received her PhD in neuropsychology at the Children’s University Hospital, Inselspital Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. Pastore-Wapp's publication list:


Original articles (peer reviewed)

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Study protocol (peer reviewed)

Benzing V, Eggenberger N, Spitzhüttl J, Siegwart V, Pastore-Wapp M, Kiefer C, Slavova N, Grotzer M, Heinks T, Schmidt M, Conzelmann A, Steinlin M, Everts R, Leibundgut K. “The Brainfit study: efficacy of cognitive training and exergaming in pediatric cancer survivors – a randomized controlled trial”, BMC Cancer, 2018.


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