Bruno Weder



Senior consultant

em. Professor for Neurology

Principle scientific interests:

- neuroimaging using functional MRI

- somatosensory system

- manipulation and haptic information processing

- information processing in normals and specific alterations by disease

- neural networks

- recovery from stroke

- mindfulness in the focus of neuroscience

Selected publications:

Weisstanner C, Kägi G, Krammer W, Eap CB, Wiest R, Missimer JH and Weder BJ. The effect of a single dose of escitalopram on sensorimotor networks. Brain and Behavior 2018 : e00975. doi.10.1002/brb3975

Galovic M, Leisi N, Pastore-Wapp M, Zbinden M, Vos SB, Müller M, Weber J, Brugger F,Kägi G, Weder BJ. Diverging lesion and connectivity patterns influence early and late swallowing recovery after hemispheric stroke. Human Brain Mapping 2017; 38(4). doi. 10.10027HBM.23511

Abela E, Missimer J, Wiest R, Federspiel A, Hess C, Sturzenegger M, Weder B. Lesions to primary sensory and posterior parietal cortices impair recovery from hand paresis after stroke. PLoS One. 2012;7(2):e31275

Bohlhalter S, Fretz C, Weder BJ. Hierarchical versus parallel processing in tactile object recognition: A behavioural-neuroanatomical study of aperceptile tactile agnosia. Brain 2002; 125 : 2537-48

Bassetti C, Vella S, Donati F, Wielepp P and Weder BJ. SPECT during sleep walking. The Lancet 2000 ; 356 : 484-5



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