List of Upcoming Events

11th-14th March 2019: Brain Week 2019

As part of the Brain Week, the SCAN team will be special guest at the Clinical Neuroscience Bern (CNB) Science Slam 2019, as we won the best presentation award last year. Check out the programme and don't miss the slam!!

23rd March 2019: Core Curriculum Head and Neck Imaging (module 1)

6th April 2019: Core Curriculum Head and Neck Imaging (module 2) 

List of Past Events 

9th-10th November 2018: 4th Alpine Chapter


The SCAN Team is enjoying a social event at the 4th Alpine Chapter Symposium, Innsbruck (AT).


23rd June 2018: Translational Symposium on Ultra-High-Field MRI in Bern

25th May 2018: Clinical Neuroscience Bern (CNB) Annual Meeting 



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