Simone Poli


PhD student



Simone is currently doing his PhD on the investigation of human glucose metabolism by multiparametric and multinuclear magnetic resonance methods under the direction of Prof. Roland Kreis. In December 2019, he obtained a Master's degree in Biomedical engineering, Bio-electronic technologies at Politecnico di Milano, where his thesis consisted in the segmentation and branching analysis of the 3D blood vessel network in contrast-enhanced microCT images. The master thesis has been awarded with two scholarships: ‘Borsa di studio tesi all’estero’ @KU Leuven 2018/2019 and ‘Scholarship for students with particular high merits 2018/2019’. In 2017, Simone obtained the title of Bachelor in Biomedical engineering at the same institute. The bachelor thesis consisted in the design and development of a circuit device for electro-stimulation of micro-cardiac tissues (hearth-on-a-chip).



• LEMON (liver metabolic imaging) (clinical validation study)

• DEEP (Deciphering the Enigma of Post bariatric Hyperinsulinaemic Hypoglycaemia after Bariatric Surgery) (Clinical application)



• Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (PCEGP3_186978) and Diabetes Center Bern. 


Prizes and awards

• Summa Cum Laude Merit Award ISMRM 2022: ‘Interleaved 1H-MRI, 2H-MRSI and 13C-MRS for time-resolved in vivo elucidation of glucose metabolism in human liver at 7 T’

• Summa Cum Laude Merit Award ISMRM 2022: ‘Real-time observation of postprandial hepatic glucose metabolism with interleaved 2H Metabolic Imaging and 13C-MRS at 7 T'

• Borsa di studio tesi all’estero @KU Leuven 2018/2019

• Scholarship for students with particular high merits @Politecnico di Milano 2018/2019 


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