Karin Zwygart


Radiological technologist (RFP HF)


Current projects involved

• PICO (Phenylalanine and Its Impact on Cognition)

• CaPrO (Carbohydrate restriction in pre-diabetic obese individuals)

• MAPIT (Magnetic resonance (MR) quantification of hepatic extracellular volume (ECV) as a novel imaging biomarker to differentiate inflammation and congestion vs. fibrosis in patients with increased liver stiffness. mpMR EVC.)


Selected former projects involved

• AGIR (Age and Insulin Resistance)

• Whiplash (New Aspects and Detailed MR Imaging with Therapeutic and Preventative Measures. Hochauflösende Magnetresonanztomographie beim Schleudertrauma: Wie beeinflusst sie das Therapiemanagement und welche Bedeutung hat sie für die Prävention?)

• FLEX (Die Wirkung von fettreicher Diät und körperlicher Aktivität auf die Flexibilität und die Einlagerung von Lipiden in ektope Fett Depots (intramyocellulär, intrahepatocellulär, intramyokardiale Lipide (SNF-Projekt von E. Christ))


 Selected publications of former projects involved

Ofori EK, Conde Alonso S, Correas-Gomez L, Carnero EA, Zwygart K, Hugues H, Bardy D, Hans D, Dwyer AA, Amati F. Thigh and abdominal adipose tissue depot associations with testosterone levels in postmenopausal females. Clin Endocrinol. 2019;90:433–439

Rosset R, Lecoultre V, Egli L, Cros J, Dokumaci AS, Zwygart K, Boesch C, Kreis R, Schneiter P, Tappy L. Postexercise repletion of muscle energy stores with fructose or glucose in mixed meals. Am.J.Clin.Nutr. 105: 609-617 (2017).

Lecoultre V, Egli L, Carrel G, Theytaz F, Kreis R, Schneiter P, Boss A, Zwygart K, Le KA, Bortolotti M, Boesch C, Tappy L. Effects of fructose overfeeding on hepatic insulin sensitivity and intrahepatic lipids in healthy humans. Obesity 21: 782-785 (2013).

Kreis R, Zwygart K, Boesch C, Nuoffer,J.M. Reproducibility of Cerebral Phenylalanine Levels in Patients with Phenylketonuria Determined by 1H-MR Spectroscopy, Magn.Reson.Med. 62: 11-16 (2009).

Yen K, Vock P, Tiefenthaler B, Ranner G, Scheurer E, Thali MJ, Zwygart K, Sonnenschein M, Wiltgen M, Dirnhofer R. Virtopsy: forensic traumatology of the subcutaneous fatty tissue; multislice computed tomography (MSCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as diagnostic tools. J.Forensic Sci. 49:799-806 (2004).




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