Rapid Validation Unit


While large pharmaceutical and medtech companies have established their mode of cooperation with university hospitals over decades, there is still a gap between medical startups and the clinical world. Today, this interaction between startups and clinic is still performed in an old-fashioned way, the time intervals between interactions are often long, without the possibility for early iteration or sufficient data access. As a consequence, medical startups have an unmet need for profound, fast, product-oriented feedback based on practical medical knowledge. Especially startups providing AI-based solutions need fast feedback cycles adequate to their rapidly moving competition. At the same time, they need to validate their AI solution on representative real-life data.



Since early 2020 SCAN has been providing an interface for medical AI startups and clinical excellence in diagnostic neuroradiology. Our RAPID VALIDATION UNIT serves as a platform to train, test and validate AI-driven software for medical application on real-life clinical data and provide quick clinical feedback to the developers, offering a rapid prototype validation process.

Responsible persons: 

Roland Wiest

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